What is the difference between a Landing Page and Website?

Landing Pages:   Landing pages, however, are a different tool than web pages of a site. They are not for general use, and do not look like the other web pages, though they can be at the same domain.


 Landing pages are built to drive traffic for a specific marketing campaign goal.

Landing Pages vs Web Pages: What’s the Difference?

Do you know when you should use a landing page instead of a web page?

We’ll explore the differences, Landing Pages vs Web Pages, in this post and give you insights on the differences, when to use, and a easy way to create landing pages.

The purpose, goals and often even the traffic source of a landing page are different from those of a homepage, so it’s critical to make sure that you optimize both for their intended purpose. To do that, you have to understand how the two differ in 4 key areas.

Target Audience

   Reach out the target audience on demand!