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Updated: Jun 20, 2020

This has created a sudden and dramatic change in consumer behaviour, with more consumers turning to online shopping, as non-essential businesses and offices are required to close their offices and stores. While circumstances caused behaviours to change rapidly, the reversion back to normal may take a lot longer, if it even reverts back to those levels. To help navigate these uncertain times, we’ll look at some of the key developments and changes that have affected eCommerce in Singapore and what it means for eCommerce businesses.

While the situation now is indeed complex, opportunities still exist for eCommerce merchants to not only tide through the crisis but emerge stronger. For one, eCommerce consumption as a whole has surged greatly as consumers turn to the internet to make their purchases.

Now many shop from hawker centre, heartland shop also go e-commence selling, build the website and bring the customer from offline to online shopping, link to delivery directly to door steps.

Are you ready to experience to move figure for shopping Now!

Data source from : https://janio.asia/articles/covid-19-ecommerce-online-shopping-singapore/

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